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What's included in Open Staged:

Create unlimited Staged websites using video links from YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Vimeo, Metacafe and more

One click Share with all your favorite Social Media sites including Facebook & Twitter

Display your videos on our professionally designed Staged themes.

Keep it fun with our rapidly expanding Staged theme selection. New themes are added all the time.

Open Staged site hosting for every Stage you make

Use the entire Staged system without limits for Free

What's included in Center Staged:

All the benefits of a free Open Staged account

Access to the Home Business system that is taking the Internet by storm!

A turnkey marketing system, complete with automated followup emails and professionally designed sales web sites to help explode your Staged business!

A simple, clear cut set of training videos that show you every aspect of the product and system. You will be amazed at how truly is Point, Click, Online!

The ability to place your own custom banners and other advertisements including Google Adsense on your Stages to drive traffic to your business, Clickbank, or any other online income opportunity of your choosing.

Full access to our secret techniques that will get your Stages ranking at the TOP of Google to generate insane amounts of FREE Internet traffic for you.

Watch your Stages become highly profitable traffic generators as they scream across the Social Media Networks like Twitter and Facebook, being shared from one group to the next.

Free 1 Year Premium Membership account at for all your custom banner making needs. Save HUGE on on your advertising costs. In fact... make them FREE.

Add forms to your Stages from Get Response, Aweber, Trafficwave and more. Watch your Stages become insane list building machines that expand your lucrative mailing lists day after day for FREE.

An automated response emailing system that goes after your Stage viewers week after week sending them exciting emails about and encouraging them to join with you as the sponsor.

Complete Staged statistics showing unique page hits, banner clicks, visitor comments and more.

24/7 technical assistance. We will keep you moving in the right direction.

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